A place for holistic healing in body, minds, heart, and souls.

3 factors that build health.

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Physical condition

The imbalance of muscle and fascia tension can directly affect our posture and how we use our body, as well as the alignment of our bones. Ignoring the condition of our body may cause fascial adhesions or loss of muscle strength, which will affect our ability to pursue life goals.
Body is the container of our soul.

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Emotion and Spirit

We all know that our mental and physical states can influence each other. While having a healthy body can help us cope with various stresses, at times it is important to address the root of the problem by starting with psychological adjustments. Only by doing so can we truly resolve the thoughts that trouble us.

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Do you find happiness in food? Have you heard of menopause causing personality changes due to hormonal fluctuations? Have you noticed how diet and exercise can affect your mental state? Don’t overlook the impact of internal chemicals on our well-being! Biochemistry not only nurture our body but our emotion as well.


Energy Psychology

Life Centered Therapy (LCT)、Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)、Thought Field Therapy (TFT)、Heart Rhythm Meditation

Body Work

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Anatomy Train Theory- Myofascial Release,
Feldenkrais, Sports Massage, IASTM Deep Tissue Massage
Nerve mobilization technique, Joint mobilization technique
Dantian massage

Service for the physical disabled.

6 years’ experience in elderly and disability care.
Holistic caregiver support.
Accessible studio space.


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Dedicated parking available for both cars and motorcycles.


No. 61, Guohua St., Yongkang Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan


By appointment only.

By YouBike- Daqiao Train Station

Leave from the main entrance of the Daqiao Train Station. Nearby, you will find YouBike rental station. From here to the studio is approximately 3 kilometers away (12 minutes). You can leave it in the basement parking.
There is also a YouBike station at Fuhua Community Center” (shown on the map). It’s about 350 meters to the studio, which takes around 5 minutes on foot.

Take Bus-Tainan Railway-Front Station

Exiting from the front station, walk to the bus stop at Tainan Railway Station (South Station) (shown on the map), take Bus No. 2 to the “Fuhua 5th Street Intersection,” get off there, and it’s just a 1-minute walk from the bus stop.

16 stops from Tainan Station to Fuhua 5th Street Intersection, approximately 25 minutes.
frequent departures,$18 for a single trip。

Take Bus-Tainan Railway-Rear Station

Exiting from the rear station, walk to the bus stop next to the Shangri-La Hotel (shown on the map), take Bus No. 902 to the “Fuhua 5th Street Intersection,” get off there, and it’s just a 1-minute walk from the bus stop.

17 stops from Shangri-La Hotel to Fuhua 5th Street Intersection, approximately 35 minutes.
limited frequency,$18 for a single trip。